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Which way?

Picture of Forest

Life confronts us with choices. Which path do you follow? Can you change your mind and quickly reverse a decision? What penalties are involved in changing? Are maps available based on the experience of others? Would you like an experienced guide who is fluent in the language and customs of new lands as you visit them and situations as they confront you?

Accumulating assets, building investment portfolios, buying insurance, minimizing taxes, choosing advisors – all require you to make decisions. Often, the key to a good decision is timing! Have you short changed your asset picture by jumping into an investment after it has gone up or bailed out of one after it has fallen in value? Have you fallen prey to assuming the current condition will continue indefinitely or that last Year’s winner will stay on top?

Please don’t read this as an assurance that we can help you “time markets.” We can’t and are convinced no one can! A fully diversified portfolio is the only thing we know of that may serve you well through the uncertain future. Click here to see what we mean by “fully diversified.” the financial instruments we put in your hand will be the least expensive we can find. And should you change your mind and want to change to others, there will be very little if any exit costs.

As students of behavioral finance, we will be with you as you are tempted to overreact to conditions that appear to be “the new norm.” Have us demonstrate the counter intuitive process of variance rebalancing.

For a complimentary 15 to 20 minute web based discussion of your financial situation with one of our Independent Advisors, contact the AFMG Financial Concierge at or call 800-809-0332.

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