The 770 Account – Tax Free Income Similar to a Roth! LEARN MORE


Metlife Voluntary Benefits Presentation

Presented on October 22, 2015

Learn about additional comprehensive benefit coverage that includes insurance for legal fees and identity theft! This webinar event was presented to Colorado Rural Health Center.

Simplified Employee Retirement Plan Presentation for CRHC

Presented October 20, 2015

Colorado Rural Health Center asked Jeff White, CEO of American Financial Group, Ltd. to share insights into a unique benefit plan members might use to give select employees access to a supplemental retirement plan with unusually attractive features including:

  • Tax-Free Retirement Income – similar to Roth but without restrictions!
  • Investments options with guarantees of no negative monthly performance!
  • Accounts not subject to litigation and creditors!

The 770 Account: A Simplified Employee Retirement Plan

Presented October 13, 2015

While a 401k and IRA are okay, they have limitations. There is another way to save, one that doesn’t tie your hands with age restrictions, use restrictions, early withdrawal penalties, and income limits—The 770 Account. This is also a great option for employers to add to their existing benefit plans.

Managing Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Presented June 6, 2015

An important part of your retirement income plan includes determining your fixed costs in retirement and estimating essential and discretionary expenses. Don’t let unplanned healthcare costs threaten your retirement savings.

Investing in a Low Yield World, A case for hedged equity
Presented December 18, 2014

A Webinar with Sean McCaffrey of Swan Global Investments, manager of the Defined Risk Strategy. For those who recall the recent Great Recession, you should know about Swan. It’s a strategy designed for all seasons.

Maximizing Your Social Security

Prepare for Healthcare in Retirement

Other Documents

Superior Benefits for you and your Employees

This presentation provides some unique insights on a benefit plan employers might use to give employees access to great benefits including a supplemental retirement plan.

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