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Time Tested Experience

treeringsIf you were embarking on a cross country flight, knowing there are peaks and valleys to cross, you would want an experienced pilot with a bit of gray hair; Especially if there are pockets of foul weather along the way. And knowing the cockpit is equipped with the latest instruments would ease our concern about downdrafts, fog and mountains.

Life is a flight of unknown duration with lots of peaks and valleys. As we exchange our knowledge capital for financial capital, the tendency to spend most if not all of what we earn increases. The discipline of paying yourself first by way of saving and prudently accumulating asset is hard to follow. Knowing where to invest, how to allocate money among the many alternatives, what financial instruments to own and how to benefit from the ups and downs of the markets takes knowledge gained over years of experience.

Together with our clients we have been through five decades of market cycles, seen the bursting of bubbles, avoided insurance companies that are now bankrupt and learned how to navigate through challenging times.

The pro’s at AFG and it’s affiliated firms have been industry leaders for decades. They are supported by a highly trained staff who’s average time with the Company exceeds 18 years. Once clients walk with us through their financial journey they not only stay but refer others.

For a complimentary 15 to 20 minute web based discussion of your financial situation with one of our Independent Advisors, contact the AFMG Financial Concierge at or call 800-809-0332.

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