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Retirement, It’s A Journey, Not A Destination!

Picture of SunriseWhen you close your office door the last time, what will you do with the next 25 or 35 years?

What parts of the world have you put off seeing? What hobbies do you want to enjoy and what skills do you hope to fine tune?

Where are your children and grandchildren living and how often do you hope to see them? Any special experiences you want to have with them?

Are you on track to have enough assets and income sources to sustain the retirement lifestyle you seek? Have you set up investment portfolios using “Goal Based Asset Allocation”?

Do you understand your many Social Security options?

Have your retirement plan assets increased or decreased over the past five years? Are they sufficient to provide the retirement lifestyle you want? What if you retire into another big drop in the markets?

Are you comfortable with how your retirement accounts are invested? Do you have a cash/near cash portfolio to cover two years of essential living expenses so you can avoid selling assets in your core portfolio in times of down markets?

How much do you have in Roth IRA’s? Does conversion of some or all of your IRA to Roth make sense?

Do you have long term care insurance? Would you like a comparative analysis of the leading ins companies in this area? Do you know how to deduct the cost from taxable income (as well as medical and dental insurance?)

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