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Guiding Principles


We are independent financial advisors with no obligations to any investment firms or insurance companies. There are no quota’s to meet, no extra compensation for recommending proprietary products that create profit for senior management of a big name firm or any other hidden agendas.

“We serve one master – the client!”

Unlike stockbrokers working under the thumb of a manager whose interests are to push expensive products out the door, we focus on a different quota potentially maximizing returns and minimizing expenses for our clients.

Make us prove that! When speaking with one of our advisors, ask some questions:

1. Can you get me good funds without loads, including those that otherwise carry loads?

2. Will you waive commissions on stock, bond and ETF trades and charge only the ticket charge?

3. If there are any trailing fees paid to you, will you refund them to my account?

4. When recommending life and/or disability insurance will you show me the policies of top five insurance companies?

a. What comparative analysis tools do you offer?

b. Does your analysis include a review of contractual provisions as well as costs?

No Canned Sales Talks

We learned long ago, that each client is different and deserves an individual response to their requirements. While we learn from each client engagement, we approach each client with an open mind with no precast assumptions of what fits their needs best. You will find us skilled listeners and responsive to client needs. That said, we pride ourselves on communicating the complex and sharing knowledge. If after each meeting, a client doesn’t say, “Thanks! I didn’t know that!” We are not doing our job.

No Canned Recommendations

In comparing notes with other clients of your current advisor, have you discovered the same word processing jargon are in both of your supposedly customized recommendations? We have! When you review the financial products recommended, do you find the name of the advisor’s firm on many of the funds? Dig deeper. Does the report include expenses within the investments? Does the report show a comparison of alternative funds in the same asset class and how their performance and expenses stack up?

For a complimentary 15 to 20 minute web based discussion of your financial situation with one of our Independent Advisors, contact the AFMG Financial Concierge at or call 800-809-0332.

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