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It Takes Extraordinary Focus To Expose Risk

Picture of EagleAre your assets flying in a biplane without instruments?

Is your current financial advisory team equipped with the research tools and monitoring equipment to be aware of, avoid where possible and take advantage of severe turbulence?

Do they have a way of knowing when an investment manager who had been responsible for strong past performance changes firms or drifts away from their area of expertise?

Are you using asset management autopilot? May we demonstrate how it seeks to make market volatility your friend, not your foe?

When you buy a variable annuity, do you have a checklist of provisions to look for just as a pilot runs through a pre-flight checklist before taking off?

Do you know “how much and kind of life insuranceyou should own? Would you like a comparative analysis of the policies of multiple insurance companies?

Do you understand how to do a tax-free exchange of outdated old life policies for either a lower cost policy or an annuity from which you can enjoy a guaranteed life income?

Would you like a checklist for comparing long term care insurance policies and how to deduct the full cost from taxable income?

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