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To Find Useful Knowledge, You Must Penetrate The Canopy Of Information

treecanopyWe live in the age of “Information Overload“! With hundreds of TV channels to choose from, talking heads giving us their opinions and selling everything from overnight fitness to gadgetry to investment advice and insurance, it is no wonder that people get confused and often fall prey to owning things of little lasting value.Our primary client service is separating wheat from the chaff and helping clients focus on reality.

Consider two areas of your financial life:


Most of us have one or more retirement accounts in which we must allocate our assets among various investment options. Where do you turn in deciding how much to have in stocks, bonds, domestic and international funds? Has market volatility in recent years shaken your belief in traditional investment principles such as dollar-cost-averaging, portfolio rebalancing and asset allocations reflecting your personal time horizons?

Did you follow the pessimism of so called “financial experts” who in a survey in March 2009 said the outlook for stocks was bleak? Many did so and continued to shift assets to “safe accounts” while the bull market since then has only rewarded those who did not act on bad information. The sad fact is that the average American has just $80,900 in retirement savings and with only Social Security to live on faces bleak “golden years!” (Source: Fidelity Investments)

Clients who walk with us make their decisions based on facts, not opinions. We are blessed with access to worldwide research conducted by a number of huge firms with over 650 full time analysts operating out of offices in 29 cities around the world. Distilling this research into asset allocations for personal investment and retirement accounts and then matching short and long term objectives of each client is a function on which our advisory team thrives.

Click here to see what we mean by a well diversified portfolio.

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With over 1800 life insurance companies promoting their products in Annuities, Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance, the consumer has every reason to be confused. We are independent brokers with no obligations to or preferred compensation deals with any ins company. We provide each client with a comparative analysis of products from multiple companies. And this includes contractual as well as cost analysis.

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